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Sector: Manufacturer / Retail (E-Commerce)

Project Scope: Day-to-day Marketing

Smart Fab Ltd, Retford, United Kingdom

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Smart Fab Ltd is an incredibly special business. As a family run business, headed by Trevor & Sue Wass, the tightly-run unit is proof that hard work and a positive mindset can achieve anything. Trevor began building the original wheelie bin covers in the beginning, adapting and perfecting them as time went on, with Sue running office operations. Since then, they continue to generate business from not only all of the United Kingdom, but Europe and USA interest alike. 


To this day, Trevor creates all of the units they sell himself, to which they have branched out to: gas bottle covers, bottle bins, larger wheelie bin covers & even bespoke projects. Even lately they continue to expand, introducing their 9th colour option across all unit types. They are now really starting to get noticed by holiday day park representatives, who appreciate the clean look the covers give to the landscape – a trajectory that is clear to continue.


Since July 2022, we have been working closely with Sue & Trev to start building brand and utilise channels to create a cohesive marketing structure. We have kickstarted their social media, running targeted ads to generate credible online traffic that will convert to customers. We’ve also made use of their years of database, taking their email marketing to the next level and boosting their traffic on a weekly basis with newsletters, offers & product information to hot leads that have either submitted genuine interest or previous customers. Stay tuned for some more coming with these guys soon!

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