Sector: E-commerce (Clothing Brand)

Project Scope: Email Marketing, Social Media & Website Development

OWNA, United Kingdom

The Complete Marketing Solution

In September 2021, we began working with UK-based online clothing store, OWNA. Headed by Professional BMX Rider & Youtube Star Harry Main, OWNA encapsulates his lifestyle – bike, crazy cars, DIY & content creation. Harry wanted to take the brand to the next level and begin raising the bar with the marketing across the board, introducing a marketing plan, consistent content creation & brining together the community he has created of 500K Instagram followers & 1 million Youtube subscribers. 


We started with pushing out regular, calculated and relevant content to his followers on Instagram, along with brand-deal style sections at the beginning and end of his Youtube videos. Then we looked at the customer base. We created a series of email campaigns and shot the first one out on day one and BOOM! Our first email generated more sales than the entire previous month in just 24 hours! 


We mixed in some more of our magic formula with some other inside knowledge, managing to increase OWNA sales by 586% in just a month! 

"I absolutely could not believe what happened in the first 24 hours, let alone the progress made in the first 6 weeks. I couldn't recommend Opus enough to any business out there. Alex was always available to pivot and adapt when needed. 5 Stars, always!" - Harry Main, OWNA

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