AJ Lloyd Funeral Directors

Sector: Death Care

Project Scope: Day-to-day Marketing

AJ Lloyd Funeral Directors, Coventry, United Kingdom

Coventry's Trusted Family-Run Service since 2006

AJ Lloyd is a hugely respected Funeral Directors, owned by Darren and Karen Lloyd, right here in Coventry. Since 2006, they have delivered personalised funerals and incredible empathy to every single person that walks through their doors. They are always commended on their caring and considerate nature, along with their determination to make things happen.



We’ve been working with AJ Lloyd since 2020 and have already had the immense pleasure to not only watch the progression of the business, but be a part of it. After first opening their initial location on Wallace Road, in Keresely, they have gone on to an additional location on Allesley Old Road & even more recently the third in Ernesford Grange this year. 


We work super closely with the incredible team at these branches, looking after the umbrella of their day-to-day marketing, including: Website Development, Google Ads (PPC), SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & More.

Quote from Darren & Karen pending - We Hope It's Nice!

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